Live visuals from Statler & Waldorf Dekás

Live visuals for the Statler & Waldorf anniversary event Dekás, at the Dome of Visions  See more →
Generative Agate 6


Exploring a method for creating agate-like constrained shapesSee more →
Photo 21-11-13 15.07.45


 See more →
discovery of the square

Discovery Of The Square

Video and music composed for the graduation project of fashion designer Tine Winther Rysgaard.  See more →

Screen prints

Prints available at vanishing-point.dkSee more →
Amoeba silkscreen print

Silkscreen amoebas

A series of silkscreen printed postersSee more →
Organic composition close up

Cardboard paintings

Unfolded cardboardboxes made into paintings!See more →


A series of two color linocut prints done in december 2011.See more →
Polaroid / Tolne


Polaroid photos from Tolne and Bornholm, 2008/2009.          See more →
The Peace of Video

The Peace of Video

The Peace of Video is the visual counterpart of the Pellarin track The Peace of Fishing from his album AthenSee more →

Expensive Shit

Posters made for Roskilde Festival 2011.See more →
Happiness is hard work thumb

Hapiness is hard work

Watercolor on paper. 29,7*21 cmSee more →
Other Sky

Other Sky

A kite is an extension of the arm, the body and the consciousness. By flying it, a new understanding of the aerospace is reached.See more →
Broadway & Rodney, Williamsburg

New York drawings

Drawings made on a stay in New York fall 2010.See more →
Pellarin & Lenler "Strand" LP cover 1

Pellarin & Lenler “Strand” LP cover

Linocut print for the second release by Pellarin & Lenler on Statler & Waldorf. The LP was limited to 100 pcs. and all covers were hand printed.See more →


The results of two different large-scale marbling sessions. Each print is app. 45 x 60 cm.See more →
Surface Recordings

Surface Recordings

Cold looming landscapes and sounds of mystery. A short film about surfaces.See more →
Loud mouth-thumb

Loud Mouth

Marker drawing. App. 14 x 21 cm.See more →
Space suit linocut thumb

Space Suit

Linocut of a NASA space suit. The paper is app. 30 x 40 cm.See more →
Soundvenue illustration 1

Illustrations for Soundvenue Magazine

Illustrations for Soundvenue Magazine, for an article about social media and music.  See more →

Earth Cake

Two color linocut, 30 x 40 cm.See more →
clouds linocut 1


Linocut print of Cumulus clouds. The print area is app. 40 x 30 cm.  See more →
Sons Of Sunrise

Sons of Sunrise

Lonesome wanderer on ice carrying a flag. Title sequence for nonexistent film.See more →

Det abstrakte og uendelige som katalysator for et paradigmeskift i bosættelseskulturen

People need to live in closer communities to save resources and make room for the increasing population. This video suggests how to motivate this, by giving everyone access to infinity. Created in collaboration with Thor Rasmussen.See more →

Decode remix

In connection with the Decode exhibition on digital art, the Victoria & Albert Museum invited everyone to remix the identity for the exhibition. They showed a selection of the remixes in the London Underground, including this.See more →
Fiber LP cover

Fiber LP cover

Linocut print for the debut album by Fiber on Statler & Waldorf. The 100 covers were hand printed in a variety of colors.See more →