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A series of two color linocut prints done in december 2011.See more →
Pellarin & Lenler "Strand" LP cover 1

Pellarin & Lenler “Strand” LP cover

Linocut print for the second release by Pellarin & Lenler on Statler & Waldorf. The LP was limited to 100 pcs. and all covers were hand printed.See more →
Space suit linocut thumb

Space Suit

Linocut of a NASA space suit. The paper is app. 30 x 40 cm.See more →

Earth Cake

Two color linocut, 30 x 40 cm.See more →
clouds linocut 1


Linocut print of Cumulus clouds. The print area is app. 40 x 30 cm.  See more →
Fiber LP cover

Fiber LP cover

Linocut print for the debut album by Fiber on Statler & Waldorf. The 100 covers were hand printed in a variety of colors.See more →